Total Body Home Workout for Rapid Fat Loss & Gaining Lean Muscle

Complete each round with full intensity and really give it your all. It will be a very challenging workout, but well worth it when you are finished. Take 10 minutes to warmup, then complete each five minute round, and finally take a five minute cooldown.

Round 1 - 5 minutes:
1. 10 air squats followed by 5 Hindu push-ups

Round 2 - 5 minutes:
1. One arm dumbbell get-up followed by 3 one-arm/one-leg rows

Round 3 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then repeat:
1. Dumbbell piston
2. Squat thrust
3. Dumbbell high pull
4. Narrow grip push-ups

Round 4 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then repeat:
1. Step back lunge
2. Dumbbell Y-press
3. Rotational curls

Round 5 - each exercise for 30 seconds, then combine all exercises into one movement and continue for 2 minutes:
1. Dumbbell prone row
2. Dumbbell clean
3. Dumbbell press
4. Dumbbell prone, clean, & press combined

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